A small store update will happen Sunday, May 3rd.  The store will be temporarily opened that day. 


Wabi Scotia Pottery is temporarily closed. 

- The main reason for this is that Amy, as a sole owner and worker of the company, is now responsible for both the childcare and education of her 2 children (2 full time jobs on their own).

- Another reason is that limiting interaction between herself and customers is a responsible step to take for everyone's health in the community. 

- For notification on when the store will be opened again and any online store updates in the future, please feel free to subscribe to the email list (below). 


Sanitary Measures in 2020:  We are dedicated to making each transaction as sanitary as possible to prevent any possible transition of diseases.  Before all packaging (pick up or shipping) Amy will put on a mask and then wash her hands.  All products are kept in her studio, in a separate area which her family has no access to .   Pick ups will be passed to you outside of Amy's house, after she has washed her hands.

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