Amy Noel

Amy's love for pottery began at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS.  She further developed her skill while living in Japan for three years when she was invited to be a member of a local community pottery studio.  After that experience she was hooked and knew that she needed to continue to create pottery.

Upon moving back to Nova Scotia Amy started Wabi Scotia Pottery.  She has designed, made, and sold pottery while having 2 daughters, now 4 and 5 years old.   She is CEO, artistic creator, mother, gardener, beachbum wanna-be, usually pretty tired, and genuinely very happy to be able to make special pieces of pottery for your own home. 


Wabi Sabi  -  Perfectly imperfect.  There is beauty in irregularities and asymmetry, value in imperfection.  In the rustic and time weathered, in little moments that pass quickly, there is inspiration.   Appreciate the dents, splashes and twists that make a piece of pottery unique.  Appreciate the imperfections in your own life as well!

Nature  -  A walk through the woods, seeing an old piece of wood from a child's fort with rusty nails sticking out.  A sunset glowing through the mist along the coast.  Playing in tidal pools at the beach.  Amy wants to bring these short, peaceful moments into your home with her pottery.

Her 2 Girls  -  Childhood is a sweet, innocent time of life full of joy and appreciation of little things.  Amy is inspired by the joy of her children when they play outside; tide pools at the beach, sidewalk chalk in happy colors, and exploring the woods.

The Pottery

"Art for your every day life", Wabi Scotia Pottery is fully functional pottery.  It is food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.

Amy uses both stoneware and porcelain clay which is fired to "cone 6".  She throws most of the pieces on the wheel then hand trims the bottoms to create a more handmade feel.  Unique swirls, twits and bumps are additions meant to create unique pieces that are obviously not from a factory. 

The Studio

All work is created in the basement studio at Amy's home in Cole Harbour, NS.  She has 4 studio "helpers"; her 2 daughters, one studio dog, and a naughty studio cat.  

All raw materials are ordered from Canadian companies in Ontario.  Amy then creates all her glazes from scratch, mixing the recipes in her glaze room.  All forms and designs are made by Amy in studio as well; from wet clay to glazed pottery, it all happens right in the studio.

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